Welcome to Rainkiss Ponchos

Rainkiss is located in Amsterdam and specialises in sustainable fashion designer rain ponchos. At Rainkiss we are always looking forward to rainy days. We feature our own designs and some surprising collaborations. 

Rainkiss rain ponchos are cut to perfection with taped seams and are 100% waterproof. These beautiful ponchos will keep you seriously dry. 

Not only is the looks and quality  of a Rainkiss poncho important  but also how it's made. We only work with sustainable materials and 100% recycled polyesters.

Sustainable is beautiful. Some choices in life are worth it. 

Rainkiss will keep you dry and keep you looking fabulous. After all... Who needs the sun when you can dress in style in a fashionable rain poncho from Rainkiss.

Get excited for rain, get Rainkiss.

100% recycled polyester, very different from virgin polyester.

Unlike polyester that uses petrochemical products, loads of water and has quite toxic by products, recycled polyester uses PET (bottles) as the raw material;  recycling them so it doesn’t end up in landfills or the ocean.

What’s a poncho?

In its simplest form the poncho is essentially a single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the center, for the head, and often it has an extra piece of fabric serving as a hood. Rainproof ponchos normally are fitted with fasteners to close the sides once the poncho is draped over the body, with openings provided for the arms; many have hoods attached to ward off wind and rain.